Skiers to Sponsor

Choose a skier below and click on their name to be taken to their specific fundraising page on the National Brain Tumor Society charity website and make a donation.

Keep in mind that in order to qualify for the raffles you need to make sure your donation is at least a $50.00 (see Charity Raffle Items tab for details and prizes being raffled off).  The more you donate the more chances of winning the raffles you have.

Click on one of the skiers below:

Salim Admon

Shawn Antin

Gregg Bernstein

Lee Black

Mike Bloom

Michael Cameron

Bryan Campbell

Rob Cashulin

Sidney Cobos

Ian Colhoun

Sean Farley

Howard Fields

Michael Finn

Patrick Finn

Paul Fiore

Hank Frazee

Alex Galuz

Bernie Gihuly

Craig Gillett

Jordan Goldberg

David Goldfarb

Mark Gorjestani

Alan Gottlieb

Peter Grossman

John Guerry

Anders Hainer

Joey Heller

Rick Heller

David Hizami

Bret Katz

Doug Lemons

Rick Levy

Hans Maentz

Vitaliy Mayzenberg

John McGinnis

Lars Miller

Jon Monfort

John Mumford

Marc Nassab

David Osterman

Kevin Portnoy

Boris Ratiner

Robbie Schaeffer

Slava Shut

Gary Simons

Michael Spagnoli

Marc Spellman

Larry Weber

Rob Yates

Dean Zander

David Zebrack