Update on the 2016 Ski Trip


Well after all the build up and anticipation for this year’s trip, it is finally over.  What an amazing trip, both in all the skiing and fun we had, but most importantly in the amount of money we raised.  We blew away my goal of $40,000 (which originally was $25,000 but once I saw that this was too easy I bumped it up) and raised over $70,000!  Thank you to all who donated or inspired others to donate.  I am truly humbled by the response of the community and I know Craig is smiling down on us and totally saying to us “that was Epic Dude”.

The colorful brain ski helmet covers were a big success – we had so many people asking us on the mountain what they were for.  Check out the pictures on the pictures tab once they are up in a few days.

I think everyone had a great time and it amazes me over and over to know that I live in a community that can have so many people that know each other and that we all can build solid friendships with each other.  I want to thank each and every guy on the trip for coming and I look forward to more activities together in the future.

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